Monday 11 April 2011

Core Synergistics MC2 - Tony Horton One on One Volume 3 Disk 9

Tony Horton
One on One
P90X - MC2

Volume 3 Disk 9

Core Synergistics MC2


There is a lot of variety packed tightly into 67 minutes in this workout. I hated the original Core Synergistics. I literally got sick the first few times I did it, and it always left a bad taste in my mouth. Now to be honest, I have a bad shoulder from a work injury, had surgery and such, and the original one always pushed me beyond my limits and I had to stop doing it. This one, on the other hand, has the same feel and focus but does not isolate my shoulder nearly as much. It is a great workout.

The Exercises are:
Balance Plank Cross Crunch
Warrior 3 Cross Crunch
Single Leg Burpee
Forearm Balance Tin Soldier
Roller Boat
One Leg Lateral Squats
Stability Ball Core Circles
Tip Toe Screamer Lunges
Med Ball Dreya Roll
Plank Burpee on Stability Ball
Banana Ball Cruch
3 Point Squat / Press

Bonus Round:
Single Leg Forearm Walk Outs to Plank
Walk-Outs 1-Leg Med Ball Burpee Press
Inch Worm Hands to Feet
X-Plank Spider Twist
Equipment Needed:
Stability Ball
Medicine Ball(s) or Basket Ball
Floor Sliders
This one is not one of the best of the over 30 out now, but it is a good solid workout that I can see myself working into my schedule regularly. But I am really excited about UBX, the revised and revamped Chest, Shoulders and Tris that is out next month.

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I am asked frequently if I am a Beachbody Coach, no I am not, I am just some one who has used their products, P90X, 1on1 with Tony Horton and more and liked them and achieved good results. I am not paid by Beachbody or any of their affiliates. You can see my full disclaimer here.)

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