Friday 22 April 2011

The hardest thing in the world to do - asking for help.

One of the author interviews I did this year, the authors advice to youth was: "Ask for help when you need it, don't when you don't, and learn to recognize the difference." It amazes me how hard it is to get caught up once you get behind financially. As many of you know I was off work for 3 years with a shoulder injury. I have been back to work 2 and a half years and we just cannot seem to get caught up. Every time we start something happens. We're expecting a tax refund, and Andrea gets reassessed on her previous year and out it goes. We get a bonus at work and all of a sudden the car needs new tires. And now with three kids 4 and a half and under, there seems to be a never ending list of expenses, drapers, pull-ups, formula, prescriptions and more. We had a family member say they were going to give us some money and we budgeted with it in mind, and then it did not happen. Combine that with being on contract currently and not having sick days and missing more than a week with a viral infection and we are really hurting. It just always seems to be one more thing. So in reality we are in a very tight spot and if you could help out it would be appreciated.If not please be praying! To quote Bilbo Baggins "I feel like butter spread over too much bread" It just seems to never let up. I am worn down and no longer know even how to hope.

Peace and Strength!
Yours, learning to be
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StBlog said...

Steven, thank you for letting us know of your need. Be assured of my continuing prayers for you & your family and, when I am able, a contribution will be made! God bless you all - +JMJ+ John