Friday 1 April 2011

The Field Guide - Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi - Spiderwick Chronicles Book 1

The Field Guide
The Spiderwick Chronicles Book 1

Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi
Simon and Schuster

ISBN 9780689859366

I am a big fan of both Black and DiTerlizzi, but I had not gotten around to going back and reading these books. I must admit after reading this first one, I will be devouring the rest of this series and the three books in the Beyond Spiderwick series. I have seen and enjoyed the movie but so long ago it did not affect my reading of the book. I had big expectations for this book and it did not disappoint.
The five books in this series can really be taken as one continuous story. Yet they were originally published individually. They are available in a boxed set and a single volume omnibus edition. But no matter how you read them you will be enchanted by the world presented by Black and DiTerlizzi.

The story follows 3 children, Jarod, Simon, and Mallory as they move into a relative's home. Soon they discover the house has secrets, from a dumb waiter, to a hidden library, and even residents that the children previously would not have believed existed. This first instalment into their story is fun and rambunctious as children are often wont to be. It is the beginning of what looks to be an awesome series.

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