Tuesday 9 March 2021

Liam and the Hunters of Lee'Vi - Corinna Turner - An unSPARKed Short Story

Liam and the Hunters of Lee'Vi
unSPARKed Short Story
Corinna Turner
Unseen Books

This story was a FANtastic read! We have loved this series since it first came out. I have read them to my son when he was younger and now he is reading them to me. And My son’s name is Liam, and this story was written while he was in hospital in part to encourage and surprise him. And it did both very well. This story takes place 59 years before the first novel in the series, Drive. It is also about 41 before the events in Breach. I loved this story and have already read it three times. I have loved all the books in this series and all of the book from Corinna Turner that I have read. And I have read all but 2 that are published. These are great reads for tweens, teens and adults. I describe the series as a mashup of Mad Max, Lost World, and Jurassic Park.

unSPARKed is a series set in a not-too-distant future. Dinosaurs once again roam the earth. Just because a scientist could do something, did not mean they should have done it. Most people live SPARKed, in cities with walls and electrified fences. There are two groups of people who live unSPARKed, farmers who have electric fences around their farms and live in community with their close neighbours. And Hunters who live most of the time out on the road or off road in HabVI’s Habitat Vehicles. 

One of the things that we loved most about this story was someone we encounter for the first time in the series. Other than by name, prayers or statues. The story begins with Tam and the hunters of Lee ‘Vi hunkered down. All camouflaged and trying for a big bounty on a pack of Utahraptors who have become a nuisance to the farmers nearby. They are cold, tired and hungry for the big bunty. But their plans go sideways when they see a young boy trudging his way through the snow drifts. Apparently, the buys family went off the road. Both his parents were out, and his older sister hurt. So he has gone to try and find the main highway. 

Tam and his crew change their plans and take the boy to try and save his family. To find out if they are successful you will need to read the story. This is an excellent short story and is the earliest offering we have yet in the unSPARKed universe. 

This series is beloved in our family. And this story will always hold a special place in our hearts. A great read. Anyone who likes Lost World or Jurassic Park will love these books.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2021 Catholic Reading Plan!

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