Thursday 18 March 2021

Child of Destiny - Mina Ambrose - Shadow of the Sun Book 2

Child of Destiny 
Shadows of the Sun Book 2
Mina Ambrose
Full Quiver Publishing

I had some mixed feelings about the first volume in this series. And to some extent even more so this second offering. If I would have started with this book, I would have given up fairly quick and not bothered with the series any more. But because I had read the first volume and had an idea where the story was going I persisted. It did pick up but overall I was underwhelmed. 

The story starts with the Vampires, and their plots and schemes to rule the world. As mentioned, If I had not read the first book I never would have made it through that first chapter. And then the story completely shifts from the first series. All human characters, are left behind and we begin a new tale with a young boy, half human half vampire. Being raised by strangers. And he fell from the sky like a meteor like Superman. He needs to keep his differences hidden. He has visions, encounters, and more.

With the first story it was too much romance for my taste. This one feels too disjointed and like way too much is being crammed into a single story. In some ways it feels like the first Lemony Snicket movie where they tried to cram several of the stories into a single film. This too feels like 2 or even 3 stories crammed into one, and as such none get the attention, that they are due. The story of Jude is an interesting one. The history of Charon’s quest is interesting as well. As well, Father Paul Schultz’s family history and legends. But it all felt like too much.

Would I pick up book three when it comes out, yes of course. I want to know what happens next. Or as this one jumped back and forth in time so much, at least the pieces of the story we are shown. 

If you have not read the first story, this one will not stand well on its own, nor incline you to read more. To be honest it is the first book from Full Quiver Publishing that I was rather disappointed in. I did not have exceptionally high expectation. The story did do away with all the mushy romance, but did not put the pieces together well in my opinion. I stated after reading the first book that: “I have to admit I thought I was practically done with vampire novels. Between, print, TV, and film I thought there was not much new that could be done. The last ones I read were by Arthur Slade about a vampire librarian, Amber Fang: The Hunted. To date I have loved everything I have written from Full Quiver Publishing. I was very intrigued to read a Theology of the Body story featuring vampires. FQ states that they were formed to: “make fiction available that celebrated the Church’s teachings on sexuality and marriage.”  from what I have read to date they do an amazing job of that. But as with any author or publisher you have a favorite and a least favorite, this hits that mark.

I was impressed with Moonchild Rising as a debut novel. For this sophomore novel I expected more, I was left underwhelmed. If you are a fan of the genre or YA books in general, I am sure it will entertain. If you enjoyed the first book this fills in a lot of the back story. But I cannot recommend that you just pick it up to read if you are not into the series.

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2021 Catholic Reading Plan!

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