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The Boy Who Knew - Corinna Turner Friends in High Places Book 1 Carlo Acutis

The Boy Who Knew: Carlo Acutis
Friends in High Places Book 1
Corinna Turner
Unseen Books
Zephyr Publishing
ISBN 9781910806463
eISBN 9781910806470

I have been a fan of Corina Turner’s work since I first encountered I Am Margaret 5 years ago. Since then I have read her books a total of 27 times, and her contributions in two Catholic Teen Books Anthologies. I am a fan of everything I have read. She has many excellent books and great series. And this is the first volume in a new series. The title of the series is Friends in High Places and is about friendship and devotion to specific saints and beatified. And this first volume is about a young man named Carlo Acutis who was beatified the week after the publication. Carlos was declared venerable on 5 July 2018 and beatified on 10 October 2020. 

Daniel is a young man who has just been diagnosed with leukemia. He has had some tests and is awaiting the results. His mother goes to church, but his father has not for years. Daniel sheds the news of his diagnosis to Fr. Thomas, their family priest, while getting out of the house because his parents are arguing. The priest gives him a prayer card with a link to a novena to Carlo Acutis. And this a whirlwind adventure of 9 days begins. The chapters in this volume are:

Diagnosis Day 
Sunday: Day 1 
Monday: Day 2 
Tuesday: Day 3 
Wednesday: Day 4 
Thursday: Day 5 
Friday: Day 6 
Saturday: Day 7 
Sunday: Day 8 
Monday: Day 9

And at the end of the book we have the following sections:
Discussion Questions 
More Information 
Friends in High Places

The story is wonderfully written. We follow Daniel from diagnosis through a 9 day novena until he heads to get his test results. The story is fast moving. And the characters very relatable. And it brings alive the life the witness of Carlo Acutis. We follow Daniel as he does the novena to Carlos. As he learns more and more about Carlos, the more he tries to emulate his example. He finds he is praying more, and his faith is becoming real to him in a new way. 

This is a story any tween, teen or adult could relate to. As a parent I can see myself in the parent’s responses. And see ways to do better with my own children. It brought to life the story of this holy young man to me in a new way. It is an excellent read and the beginning of what looks like another amazing series from Turner’s masterful pen. 

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2020 Catholic Reading Plan!

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