Thursday 22 October 2020

Fearful Symmetry - J.E. Mayhew - DCI Will Blake Book 2.0

Fearful Symmetry
DCI Will Blake Book 2.0
Obolus Books
ISBN 9781999840754

Where to begin. I am sure that is a question many authors start with, but it is seldom one I start with when reviewing a book. But in this case I find I must. This book came recommended to me by Alex Smith, author of the DCI Kett books. I had read all the Kett books and was awaiting the next Softley Softley book when Smith mentioned this one and gave it a plug. After reading this volume I discovered that the author publishes under two name, much like Smith. One for Adult crime novels, J.E. Mayhew and another for Young Adult and younger readers, Jon Mayhew. I am glad I gave it a try and will likely get around to reading the other two novels and the prequel to the series. These books are not as gritty and do not pack as much punch as the Kett novels but it is still a good British crime procedural story. When I reviewed a Kett story I stated I could see Jamie Bamber as DCI Kett, and while reading this I could not help but picture Karl Urban as DCI Will Blake. But let’s now focus on this book.

This is book 2 in a series that currently consists of 3 novels and a prequel novella. I picked it up before realizing it was book 2 but gave it a shot anyways. It is good as a British Crime Procedural store. Reminded me of the old TV series The Commander or even to some extent Wired in the Blood. The story takes places between 8th February and the 17th. 

DCI Will Blake is working on a case that proves more personal with each passing moment. It starts with a body found on Hilbre Grove a cul-de-sac. The murderer is leaving bodies and clues for and to Blake. Quoting a different Blake’s poetry, and leaving clipping about the DCI when he was a young office and has a small sport on a TV show. And as the day go on it becomes more and more personal. 

You will find yourself in Blake’s corner. With all he has already been through. Some of the officers he works with are relatable. And the crimes are dark, well planned out, and cost some money to set up and coordinate. Blake realizes he is up against a foe who knows a lot about him, and also seems to have deep pockets and plenty or resources. 

The plot moves at a quick pace. The characters are well written. And with dropping into the 3rd story in the series, the second novel. It holds up very well on its own.  

Overall a good read and I would give another story in the series a go. If you enjoy crime lit or British procedurals, I am certain you will enjoy this read. 

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