Tuesday 27 October 2020

Return to Doom Island - Dustin Brady - Trapped in a Video Game Book 4

Return to Doom Island
Trapped in a Video Game Book 4
Dustin Brady
Jesse Brady (Illustrator)
Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN 9781449495183
eISBN 9781449498757

We have now read four of the five books in this excellent series. And with each volume the series gets better. We picked up the first book in this series, Trapped in a Video Game, after my son started reading it with his cousins. They read every night before bed and he was hooked after the first few chapters. We picked up the eBook as soon as we were home, and my son devoured it. My son was enjoying them so much we picked up the whole series. He reads to me from his iPod and I follow on my iPhone. My son read this to me as part of his daily reading. He often reads well beyond the minimum 20 minutes a day, when reading this series, because he wants to finish the chapter, or find out what happens next. We are well into book four. Any book that inspires my son to keep reading when the timer goes off is a big winner in my opinion. And because of that it got a solid 5/5 stars from both of us.

This is the fourth installment in a five-book series. We are a late to the game, in that the whole series has already been released. It just means we can read them back to back. Without having to wait for the next volume. 

This is a story about friendship, about video games, and about survival. And in this one the video game elements have changed. And there is more action outside the game. This time they are in an old 8bit 2D game. And through their friend knows the game, Jesse and Eric have never even heard of it. This time instead of having the help of Mr. Gregory helping and guiding them, they are trying to find out where he is and how to rescue him. And they know that every move they make is being watched. Both in the real world and once they are inside the game. 

The story draws you in and keeps your attention. It is interesting seeing the mix of cutting edge and retro technology and how both kids and adults interact with it. The story is well written. The characters after 4 stories is like visiting old friends. And it ends on a cliff hanger leaving you desperate to find out what will happen with The Final Boss.

It is a great read in an excellent series. Our family gives it top marks and highly recommends the series and this specific book!

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