Wednesday 14 October 2020

Product Review - CZUR Shine500 Pro Scanner

Shine500 Pro Portable A4 Document Scanner

I was very impressed with this product right out of the box. I have had my eyes on the CZUR devices for a few years now. I have heard really good things. And when I had the opportunity to lay my hands on this one I was very excited to give it a try. 

It is an amazing device. But I had some issues with the software, first the software comes on a CD, and many laptops these days do not have optical drives, I was surprised it was it was not on a USB, or just link to install. Second when I installed the software the first thing it did was notify of a new version to download. Third when the updated version installed needed to input the software license a second time. But once you get past that it is incredible. 

Scanning is instantaneous. I am a bibliophile. And I read a lot of obscure and out of print books. In fact, I have bought more out of print physical books in the last few years than current books. If it is current, I grab the eBook as long as it is available in my region. But, because I read a lot of obscure, and out of print stuff, for over 20 years now if I lay my hands on an out of print book, or a book in very poor condition, or hard to get through interlibrary loan book, I have scanned a copy for my personal eBook library. This device will cut that time drastically, I would say more than a hundredfold. 

The device has a very small footprint. And the software is incredible. It flattens the black lines from the fold of the book. Below is a sample scan from a traditional flatbed scanner and from this device for a small 90-page booklet. With the flatbed it would take 30 minutes to scan, rotate, crop and compile the book into a PDF. With this it was under 5 minutes. And that was without any of the training videos offered. There is also a foot pedal to speed up the scanning, but I have not really played with it yet.

The output options are great also. Separate pages, continuous document, and various formats including PDF with OCR. I have nothing bad to say and so much good. Very happy to have this device. There are much higher end models, and I can dream of them someday but for now this is a giant step up for me. I highly recommend this device.

CZUR Software
CZUR Software Output Options
Flatbed Scan

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