Thursday 15 October 2020

Champion of Valdeor - Sandralena Hanley - Valdeor Chronicles Book 1

Champion of Valdeor
Valdeor Chronicles Book 1
ISBN 9798646935633

This book was a fantastic read. This has been an incredible year for debut novels, and this is another hit. Once I started reading it this book was very hard to put down. I read it sitting in a lawn chair in the sun after work over three days. The story is compelling. And the characters well written. The description of the book is:

“Alloryn faces a mythological creature to win a fabled sword, is taken under the wing of a mysterious mentor, and sets out to find the lost Princess Lauressa. Her quest is to free the land from cruel rulers and the evil warlord over them all who usurped her throne. Together they search for stones of power, which they win by practicing a corresponding virtue, while facing foes and dangers from every side. During their travels they make many allies, who join with them against the tyrannical warlord in the final battle for the kingdom.”

This book is written in the style of the classic epic adventure. It is the first in a new series, but also stands well alone. As I was reading, I was actually expecting this adventure to span 2 or more novels. But the action is packed and almost non-stop. From the first chapter where a young man faces the Kratigula, a beast in a cave to reclaim a sword the adventure is on. That young man on the eve of his fourteenth birthday is Alloryn and he has no idea how his life is about to change. His father tells him:

"Aye. You must face a test of courage to become a man, son, and retrieve it. Oh, aye, I have seen you pretending to wield a sword. This is your chance to become a fighter for right and good. But beware the Kratigula, a great beast that can only be slain by the sword it guards. Avoid its claws, for they are poison."

His father admits he failed the same test when he was fourteen. And soon a stranger comes, Estrell, And Alloryn leaves with him to begin his training and eventually be given his true quest. Stones of power. Living the virtues. And faith. Those are the elements this story is woven around. You will quickly find yourself in Alloryn’s corner and surprised by Lauressa. And together the two must recover the power stones and bring peace back to the kingdom. 

The writing in this story is excellent. It is good clean fiction. Family friendly. But still with that epic fantasy feel. There are several villians, well written. And a few battles. It is a book I think my older teen and tweens will love. And one that more than kept me engaged. The writing is tight and clean. The pace excellent. And the characters will become favorites leaving you wanting the next story in the Chronicles of Valdeor. A great read!

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2020 Catholic Reading Plan

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