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Tyger Tyger - J.E. Mayhew - DCI Will Blake Book 0.5

Tyger Tyger
DCI Will Blake Book 0.5
Zertex Crime

This was the second DCI William Blake story that I have read. I stumbled upon them because of a recommended by Alex Smith, author of the DCI Kett books. I had read all the Kett books and was awaiting the next Softley Softley book when Smith mentioned this one and gave it a plug. After reading book 2, Fearful Symmetry, volume I discovered that the author publishes under two name, much like Smith. One for Adult crime novels, J.E. Mayhew and another for Young Adult and younger readers, Jon Mayhew. I am glad I gave that first one a try and jumped to this one next. Now I will clarify these stories progress and I just ended up jumping around. This prequel is available for free via the links at the end of his other books. And after read 2 of the 4 stories currently available I know I will end up reading the whole series. These books are not as gritty and do not pack as much punch as the Kett novels, but it is still a good British crime procedural story. When I reviewed a Kett story I stated I could see Jamie Bamber as DCI Kett, and while reading this I could not help but picture Karl Urban as DCI Will Blake. But let’s now focus on this novella.

This is a prequel of the series that currently consists of this work and 3 novels. I picked it up book 2 before realizing it was a second volume and gave it a shot anyways. I was very thankful I did and it led me to this story. This is good as a British Crime Procedural store. And a great introduction to DCI Blake. There are elements from this story that come back into play in the second story in the series. And from that I can only assume a significant intertwining across the stories. This story and the series remind me of the old TV series The Commander or even to some extent Wired in the Blood. This story takes place between Monday November 12th 2018 and Friday November 16th. Fearful Symmetry takes place a couple of years later placing it in the winter of 2020.

DCI Will Blake is working on a case that proves that has a lot of twists, turns, and surprises in it. The story starts on a dark country lane. With an interaction between a car and a cyclist in the dark. Next thing we know:

“He tripped, falling hard on the tarmac. And then the car was on him, turning the world into a confusion of light and noise, pain and blood.”

And the investigation is under foot. A cabbie named Alex smith is the first to find the body. And the investigation is under way. A vehicular homicide, that looks like it is far more than a hit and run. Very serious case of road rage. Blackmail. Thugs, and the steroid trade. There is a lot packed into this novella. 

As a reader will find yourself in Blake’s corner. The crime is not what it first appears to be. And even on digging deeper it takes a while to piece together the whole. Blake realizes he is up against a very smart and ruthless foe.

The plot moves well. The characters are well written. With having read one of the three novels, it is interesting to encounter Detective Chief Inspector Blake at this point in his career and life. Overall, it is a good read and know I am likely to read the rest of the series. If you enjoy crime lit or British procedurals, I am certain you will enjoy this book and series.  

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