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Good and Valuable Consideration - Joseph Finder and Lee Child - A Nick Heller and Jack Reacher Story

Good and Valuable Consideration
A Jack Reacher vs. Nick Heller Story
Jack Reacher Book 19.1
Lee Child
Joseph Finder
Simon & Schuster 
eISBN 9781476788791

The story also appears in:

David Baldacci (Editor)
Simon & Schuster
ISBN 9781476762067
eISBN 9781476762081

Over the last few months I have read all the stand along Jack Reacher stories, and 13 of the novels. I believe this is the last stand-alone Reacher story for me to review. I have really enjoyed the other mash up stories I have read and have gone on to read other novels by the authors who cowrote them with Lee Child. That will be the case this time again. I will definitely read other Nick Heller stories! And this short tale is a great introduction to Heller. In the introduction to the story we are told:

“When Joseph Finder decided to try a series character, he took many cues from Lee Child’s Jack Reacher. Joe named his hero Nick Heller and made him not a private eye, but a private spy. Nick works for politicians and governments and corporations, sometimes digging up secrets they’d rather keep buried. Like Jack Reacher, though, Nick’s sense of justice drives him. He’s a mix of blue collar and white collar, the son of a notorious Wall Street criminal, raised in immense wealth that evaporated when his father went to prison. He spent his formative years in a split-level ranch house in a working-class suburb of Boston.
By nature, Nick’s a chameleon. He can blend in among the corporate elite as easily as he does among the jarheads.

And, of course, he roots for the Boston Red Sox.

Jack Reacher, on the other hand, is a Yankees fan. His background is vastly different from Nick’s, but equally scattered. Reacher is an army brat, raised on military bases around the world: a man without a country, but still an American. He’s a loner who avoids attachments, yet he’s absolutely loyal. He suffers no fools.

Nick Heller and Jack Reacher. Chalk and cheese, as the Brits say. Couldn’t be more different, yet so much the same.

Which can also be said for the two writers.”

Reacher walks into a bar. Literally, that is how the story begins. Reacher is in Boston and wants to watch the Yankees take on the Red Sox. The bar he settles on has two men at the bar. One twitch and nervous, the other solid and stoic. With a little prodding Reacher and Nick, discover the guys is a good guy in a bind. And their particular skill sets though different in style could get him out of the jam. But to find out how you will need to read the story. 

It is a fun read. It is a great short story. And the story is sure to entertain fans of either Reacher or Heller. Or even those who just enjoy a great short story. 

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