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Gone Tomorrow - Lee Child - Jack Reacher Book 13

Gone Tomorrow
Jack Reacher Book 13
Lee Child
Delacorte Press
Penguin Random House Canada
ISBN 9780345541581
eISBN 9780440338550

I am slightly addicted to the Jack Reacher Books! I have read 9 other novels, Jack Reacher's Rules, the short story collection and 5 other published short stories for a total of 16 works in 12 weeks. And every time I finish one, it is a coin toss for what one I will pick up next. By the time I finish I might end up circling back and rereading them either in the published order, or the chronological order, because this time It has been fairly random. 

This story begins with Reacher riding the subway in New York City, the 6 train to be exact. And he is looking at someone and remembering his training and going over a list. The story begins with these words:

“SUICIDE BOMBERS ARE EASY TO SPOT. THEY GIVE OUT ALL kinds of tell-tale signs. Mostly because they’re nervous. By definition they’re all first-timers. Israeli counterintelligence wrote the defensive playbook. They told us what to look for. They used pragmatic observation and psychological insight and came up with a list of behavioural indicators. I learned the list from an Israeli army captain twenty years ago. He swore by it.”

And Reacher is going over that list twenty years later on a train and counting off the points. Reacher is sitting in subway car 7622. He is only looking for 11 because the person he is looking at is a woman. As he goes over the points again, Reacher must decide if he is going to intervene. And if he does will it save lives or cost them? Will it cost him his?

And thus begins our tale. Some of the Reacher stories are just something coming across his path and his dealing with it. Others are his becoming entangled with something and not being able to let it go. And some it just needs to right a wrong. This story has elements of all three. This story is a little more complex than some of the others, a former special forces man in office. A ‘Russian’ woman and he mother. Russian thugs. Afghani muscle. A dead woman. Four dead and demolished local muscle. And Reacher going back and forth trying to piece together the why. And once he figures it out he is determined to make someone pay! His sense of justice and right demands it.

This story is an intense thriller. It was another Reacher novel that was hard to put down. There were so many subplots winding around each other, that it was fun trying to figure things out before Reacher revealed them. A great read in an excellent series. If you have read other Reacher novels I am sure you will love this one, and if not it is as good a place as any to start. One of the best Reacher novels and a solid 5/5 stars! 

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