Tuesday 18 June 2019

Just One Bite - Jack Heath - Timothy Blake Book 2

Timothy Blake Book 2
Jack Heath
Hanover Square Press

ISBN 9781335952844
eISBN 9781488098697
Note in Australia published as:
Allen & Unwin

ISBN 9781760527082

I need to state up front this book will not be to everyone’s taste. In fact It might even take a pretty strong stomach to make it through the book. But reading a Timothy Blake book is a bit like watching an accident, once you start you cannot stop. Even though you see what is going to happen, you can’t tear your eyes away. Over the years I have encountered many Australian authors who became instant favorites. I stated in my review of book 1: “My first expectations were exceeded, and I tracked down all they had available in North America to read. Authors such as Sally MurphyScot GardnerMarianne de Pierres, to name nut a few. But that was not the case this time. Maybe my expectations were too high. Maybe the hype and waiting for the book to be available in North America inflated what I was expecting. As a huge fan of both the TV series Dexter, and the I Hunt Killers books by Barry Lyga, I was expecting something exceptional from this book. What it feels like is some Chuck Palahniuk, Tom Clancy, and Irvine Welsh tossed in a blended and slopped together.” But you cannot take your eyes away. And you return for the second helping. 

The premise of the first story is that the FBI have an ace up their sleeve. Consultant Timothy Blake, codename Hangman. Blake is a genius, with perfect memory and recall. He solves impossible cases. But he is also a sociopath and a cannibal. His payment for every life he saves he gets to take one. In this second installment he has fallen out of favour with the FBI, and due to his appetites, he has entered the employ of Charlie Warner, one of the nastiest crime bosses in Houston, maybe even all of Texas. When she has some one she wants offed it happens, and the bodies are delivered to Timothy Blake for disposal. When this story begins, Blake is waiting for a delivery when he hears something in the woods, while investigating he ends up stumbling over another corpse. And he cannot help himself he just takes a little bite. Immediately he realizes he needs take the body and dispose of it. Things get more complicated when he gets pulled back into the FBI to help with an investigation. This time his handler, FBI agent Reese Thistle, is the only person he has ever really loved. And as they work together their relationship grows. Can Timothy thread the needle between Charlie and Reese. Can he figure out who the serial killer is. Can he keep it all together? Or will His secret be exposed and instead of being the hunter will he become the hunted?

To find out you will need to read the story. To be honest, this story creeped me out, and on more than one occasion. But I also could not put it down. And the way the story ends, you cannot but hope there will be a book three. Even if I will be nervous about where the tale can go next!

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