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Mary in the Liturgy - David W. Fagerberg - CTS Deeper Christianity Series

Mary in the Liturgy
Deeper Christianity Series
David W. Fagerberg
Catholic Truth Society
ISBN 9781860827914
CTS Booklet SP36

I love the books I have read from the Catholic Truth Society. I have read almost 90 books and booklets in just under 18 months. I also love that we have a liturgical year. I love liturgy. And I love that we have a mother in Mary. And this book combines all of those loves together. This is the seventh book in the Deeper Christianity Series that I have read. This is an excellent book and it is a wonderful series. 

The chapters in this book are:
Where is Mary in the Liturgy?
What is Liturgy?
Spiritual attitudes belonging to Mary and the Church
     Attentive virgin
     Virgin in Prayer
     Virgin mother
     Virgin presenting offerings
Mary in the Mass
The Church as it dawns in a single person

David W. Fagerberg does an amazing job of opening our eyes and unveiling some of the deeper meanings in the sacrifice of the mass in this booklet. He states:

“If we understand our Christian life as a journey from this world into the new age, then imagine that in from of every one of us stretches a parade of Christians across twenty-one centuries. At its head is Christ, leading us to his Father. And first behind Christ is Mary. Church tradition has not only called Mary the Mother of God (Mater Dei) but also Mother of the Church (Mater Ecclesia). She is already at the fullness where we hope to arrive at the end our pilgrimage. We follow a path she has already trodden.”

I thoroughly enjoyed this little volume. My son has been asking me questions and we are going to read it together soon. I have yet to read a book from the Catholic Truth Society that I did not benefit from. And this one is no exception. This year I have read several books on Mary. And with each one I have a better understanding of Mary’s role in salvation history and God’s plan for redemption. But what this book really helped with is a solid grounding of Mary’s presence in the prayers and actions of the Mass. And of the imagery around Mary as mother of the Church. It is an excellent read and I highly recommend it. 

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2019 Catholic Reading Plan! For other reviews of books from the Catholic Truth Society click here.

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