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Anyone But Him - Theresa Linden - A West Brothers Book

Anyone But Him
A West Brothers Book
Theresa Linden
ISBN 9780997674750


First I must state I loved this book! Like really loved this book. It was an amazing concept and masterfully executed. I only discovered Linden's books under a year ago, but in that time, I have read 5 novels and the 3 published short stories. And though I have greatly enjoyed all her other books I have read this one is to date her best. But this book creates a quandary I want to make it the West Brothers Book 5, but the rest of the West Brothers books are Young Adult, and this is intended as adult fiction. Though I believe younger fans of Linden's works will enjoy it also. So, is this the first adult fiction by Theresa Linden or is it a maturing of the series already in progress? That is a question I do not have the answer to, so will leave it to each reader to decide. 

In this book Caitlyn Summer wakes up and does not remember the last three years. And when she wakes up she is married, and not to who she ever expected, she has moved half way across the country. She does not remember doing her university degree or working for a private investigation firm. The book begins with a lot of questions. And as the days pass her suspicions only get worse. She cannot figure out how she ended up married to a controlling, bossy, jealous, and over protective man. Ah and she is also pregnant. Soon her high school spark, her husbands younger brother arrives to help. But will his presence cause more conflict then resolution? Will Caitlyn gain back her memories, or will she need to figure out why she married this man in the first place? And can she learn to love him with 3 years of their life together missing from her memories?

This story is billed as romance mystery. But to be honest I typically do not read romance, it has been an element in some YA books I have read, but never picked up a book just because it is romance, and likely never would! I would say this story is more suspense thriller. In many ways it is far more focused on the mystery than the romance, though it does play in context of the relationship. There are a few clues along the way, and I did have my suspicions before the big reveal. 

In this story you have a man desperate to keep the woman he loves. A man who does not know what he would do without her in his life. You have a woman who has lost three years of memory. She is a PI who has been investigating an Abortion Clinic that is breaking the state laws. She has a large bump on her head and came home very late. And now both their worlds are turned upside down. And both of them have a deep faith and are asking god to help them figure things out.  

In an earlier review I compared Linden's writings to Madeleine L'Engle and with every book I read I am more convinced of the similarities. If the Chasing Liberty Series would be the Kairos series and the West Brothers would be the Chronos series, this this book would be like the second generation or L'Engle's later fiction. I am very impressed with Linden's word craft and mastery of writings stories. She is an exceptional writer, and this is one of her finest. I have been reading the West brother books out of order and they all stand well on their own. And this book weather you consider if book 5 in that series or not, or hopefully book 1 in a new series it is a great read!

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