Saturday 21 April 2018

Product Review - Spiritual Ammo Can Set

Spiritual Ammo Can Set
Roman Catholic Gear
Roman Catholic Man

I received this as a Christmas present from my mother and sister in law. I had seen them online for a long time. It is a beautiful gift, and a wonderful tool in the spiritual life. The tin contains the following:

A Combat Rosary
A Scapular Medal Dog Tag
A Cloth Brown Scapular
A Holy Water Flask
A Blessed Salt Flask
54 Day Basic Training in Holiness Book
Combat Prayer Book
A leather Pouch

Over all I am very impressed with the concept and the execution. This is a little box full of spiritual weapons. And as we know our fight is not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities. We have Holy Water in each bedroom, and around the house. But I love this little flask. It has never leaked and yet holds a good amount of holy water.

The rosary is very sturdy, I enjoy using it while walking. The rosary is the middle one on this picture:

(See picture for comparison. The four rosaries are:
The Paracord Rosary
A handmade stone rosary from a friend.
The Combat Rosary
A tiger's eyes gem from my wife for our wedding.
A rope rosary I carry in my pocket.)

I have asked my parish priest for blessed salt so I can have some. I remember a speaker years ago saying he would put blessed salt in his pockets when giving talks. He also carried both blessed salt and holy water and blessed every hotel room he stayed in when he travelled for work. I had never really thought of carrying my own. But will as soon as I can get some.

My only regret is that the tins are not a little sturdier. Mine was dented from the shipping process. And they do dent easily. So they are more for show than functionality.

Overall I am very happy with the set and appreciate the elements contained. It is a great gift, and my son is already asking when he can get one.

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