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Trickled Down Mindset - Michal Stawicki - The Missing Element In Your Personal Success

Trickled Down Mindset: 
The Missing Element In Your Personal Success
Michal Stawicki
ISBN 9781507690222

Michael Stawicki has written or coauthors a total of 16 books in English. I have read 12 of them since early in 2015; and have read many of them more than once. In fact, when I check my list of books read I have read his books a total of 21 times now. This was a book I purchased but somehow lost track of and have only just read it. It is my loss that I did not read this book earlier! In the chapter Elusive Success chapter Stawicki states:
"You will achieve the best results if you mingle philosophy with personal development. However, you can see just by looking around, that personal development doesn't seem to be the answer for most folks. Every year there are millions of new personal development books sold and podcasts downloaded. Hundreds and thousands of people attend personal development seminars, and the circulation of Success magazine is half a million. But the success stories that we hear of are numbered in the hundreds or thousands at most.   
There is a missing element in this puzzle. The method that has brought fame and fortune to some seems to be completely useless or of limited functionality to others. I grasped this dissonance almost as soon as I returned to personal development study following a sixteen-year hiatus."
But after that break Michal has not only worked tirelessly at personal development, he has written books that digest all that he has read and learned from personal experience and packages that knowledge in clear concise easy to apply books like this one. 

The chapters in this book are:
Elusive Success
Tamed Success
The Philosopher's Stone
Philosophy Defined
It's Personal
A Deeper Look
Question Your Beliefs
Choose Your Story
The Law of Nature
The Law's Implications
Develop Good Habits
The Ten-Minute Philosophy
Three-Dimensional Philosophy
Time for an Upgrade
Changing Course
Analyze Your Data Sources
Analyze Yourself
The Company You Keep
Learn from Others
Choosing New Beliefs
Philosopher's Stepping Stones
Apply Your New Philosophy
Believe in Yourself
Bonus Section: 20 Activities to Get You Started

Michal states: 
"It's not relevant where are you in your life right now, whether you have a lot of money, are fit or obese, young or old. You have your internal compass that guides you through your existence. In addition, you are equipped with a free will and a conscious mind. You can form and mold your personal philosophy. You can change. It's in your power."
And his book truly does do that. It is a tool that will help you develop the mindset that will lead to success in any area of your life where you need change. He also declares:
"You don't need to have a Rolls Royce, a fat bank account, fame, or a lot of friends to consider yourself successful. You define your purpose and you are fulfilled by achieving that purpose. The right personal philosophy allows you to reach it no matter what you will come up with as your life's core."
I was asked by a co-worker what I thought was my greatest success. He expected me to name one of the projects I was technical lead on, or that I managed at work. But I answered that it was 15 years of marriage, including going through a very hard time of being off work injured almost 3 years. Of having three kids that did a reading challenge to improve their skills. That I have always been surrounded by great friends and support network. 

Michal in this book will help you determine what you value most and reorient your life towards that goal. Michal in this book reduces down the knowledge and wisdom of many others and packs it in a tightly written volume. He provides many quotes from business leaders and people of faith to support his points. Michael declares:
"I consider that personal philosophy's system to consist of your past experiences and their interpretation in your mind, plus your input sources and an internal interpretation of them.  
These are the only things in the universe you need to work on to change your future. The only things you really have the power over. Change your input sources, change the interpretation you give to the incoming data, and it will change you."
And later he states:
"Your personal philosophy is your life attitude formed by your all past experiences and the meanings you gave them. And it can be systematically investigated and developed using the reasoning faculties of your mind."
This book will defiantly help you do will help you examine where you have come from, what matters most to you, and how to shift your thoughts to work towards that being the priority. And each chapter ends with Knowledge Items, a few points to help hammer home the lesson of that chapter. Michal quotes Jim Rohn:
"Failure is a few errors in judgment repeated every day. Success is a few simple disciplines practiced every day." 
This book gives you the tools to develop the wisdom to know what to eliminate and what to establish in your life. And I cannot help but wonder if in 50 years Michal Stawicki will be the Jim Rohn to a new generation! Based on this book and others I have read I would be surprised if it does not come to pass. This book is an excellent read and I believe that anyone who reads it will benefit from the wisdom and practical knowledge that it contains. 

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