Monday 23 April 2018

The Our Father: Our Prayer to God - Daniel A. Lord S.J.

The Our Father:
Our Prayer to God
Rev Daniel A. Lord S.J.
Fratelli Bonella (Illustrations)
Gloria Children's Books
William J. Hirten Co., Inc.
ISBN 9781936837151

I discovered the works of Daniel A Lord's works, this past lent with his booklet, I Don't Like Lent. And instantly fell in love with his writing style. But I was unaware that he had written for children. My youngest received as first communion gifts this book and 'The Hail Mary Our Mother in Heaven'. I have read both books through and read them with my youngest who received them and her older brother. Both Children have already asked to read them again tomorrow. To say that they are popular would be an understatement. These books were originally published in 1944 and have be reprinted in 2012. And in preparing to write this review I have discovered that they are also part of a Gloria Children's Book Set with 12 volumes. 

This specific book is a reflection on the Lord's Prayer. It alternates pages of text with facing full page illustrations. The first page is an introduction, the second is The Our Father, and the rest of the book is a page for each phrase of the prayer. The illustrations are wonderfully and done in a more classic prayer card style. My children loved poring over the illustrations. The book really does a great job of explaining what each of the phrases in the prayer means, and for the three of us who have read them from 7-47 years of age we loved this book.

This book is not only great to read, and have excellent illustrations, but it is also very well constructed. I find that so many children books today and not constructed to last. I have had books fall apart before a dozen readings. This is not an issue with this book and the others I have seen in this series.

I know that this book will be read and reread many many many times in our household. And that will will track down other books by Rev. Daniel A. Lord S.J., for the kids to read and more me to read as well. This book was a wonderful gift that will be treasured in this household. We recommend it!

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2018 Catholic Reading Plan!

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