Friday 18 November 2011

PAP – Post Activation Potentiation - Tony Horton One on One Volume 3 Disk 11

Tony Horton
One on One
P90X - MC2
Volume 3 Disk 11
PAP - Post Activation Potentiation


Tony calls this workout PAP Post Activation Potentiation (which most scholarly articles either hyphenate or combine to Postactivation.) and it is very different from any of the other workouts from Tony. In the One on One Series, P90X or P90X+, there is both far more variety and more repetition then we are used to from Tony. For the variety there is an extensive pre and post PAP section of the workout. Then the actual PAP is broken into 2 sections - the first you do three exercises and repeat 4 times and the second you do 4 exercises and repeat 4 times.

The Exercises are: Warmup:
1. Heel Walk
2. Huggers
3. Ball of Feet Smackers
4. Deep Lunges (Twist & Reach)
5. Burpee Salutations
6. Under The Fence Push Ups
7. March Skippers
8. Supine Scorpion Twists
9. Crossover Run
10. 1-Leg Front & Side Swingers
11. Speed Slalom
12. Chatarunga Pushups
13. Speed Front-Back Hops
14. Loading Dock
15. Lateral Jumps
16. 2-Dog Push Ups
17. Speed Slalom
18. Chatarunga Pushups
19. Speed Front-Back Hops
20. Loading Dock
21. Lateral Jumps
22. 2-Dog Push Ups
PAP Set 1:
1 Front to Back Lunges
2 Flying Lunges
3 Forearm Side Arm Balance

PAP Set 2:
1 Push Up Rows
2 Plyo Pushups
3 4-Ball Chatarunga Iso
4 Floor Clock

Post PAP:
1. Doorway Chest Stretch
2. Eagles Lat Stretch
3. 3-Way Band Stretch
4. Piriformis Stretch
5. Quad Stretch
6. Bow-Lat Stretch On Bench (or Ball)
Equipment Needed:
4 Exercise/Medicine Balls
Mobility Balls
Exercise Bands

As stated earlier, it is a very different workout from some of Tony's earlier works. It will take a while to get used to the change. I had to do the workout a few times before I even attempted to write this review. My impression is that this will be a great workout to switch it up from time to time, but I doubt most people will work it into the schedule regularly.
As a side note, it is with great disappointment that I have heard the One on One's are coming to an end. Tony will be focused on marketing and sales of P90X MC2. We can only hope that he will return to this subscription based format at some point in the next few years.

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I am asked frequently if I am a Beachbody Coach, no I am not, I am just some one who has used their products, P90X, 1on1 with Tony Horton and more and liked them and achieved good results. I am not paid by Beachbody or any of their affiliates. You can see my full disclaimer here.)

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Dysfunctional Parrot said...

The major push of P90X2 is going to be PAP, and from the looks of how Tony's going about it I'm pumped. Separate workouts for upper AND lower...ieeeee!!!!

I stand by my mailbox awaiting its arrival!