Monday 28 November 2011

Breaking Up- Aimee Friedman and Christine Norrie A Fashion High Graphic Novel

Breaking Up
A Fashion High Graphic Novel

Aimee Friedman (Auhtor)
Christine Norrie (Illustrator)

Graphix an imprint of

ISBN 9780439748674

The back of this book begins with the statement: "There's a fine line between a friend and an enemy. One minute there's all this TRUST, and LAUGHTER, and LOVE. And the next minute … there's HURT. And CRUELTY. And BETRAYAL." All of us have been there. We have had friendships fail for many different reasons but this book tries to examine a group of friends as they have a falling out and with some effort maybe recovery. What happens when best friends break up?

This story is written following four friends through their junior year in high school. The four friends have a major blow up and falling out. As each goes their own way they encounter different problems and circumstances in life. And yet soon they realize that life sometimes bring us back to people who meant a lot to us. And sometimes it is the time apart that makes friendships strongest.

The story is very well written. Aimee Friedman and Christine Norrie have crafted a great graphic novel. The art work is awesome, similar in style to both Faith Erin Hicks and Hope Larson. The story is in some ways like Cecil Castellucci's and Jim Rugg's Janes series. It was a great read and a graphic novel I know I will read many times over.

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