Friday 25 November 2011

Empire of Ruins - Hunchback Assignments III - Arthur Slade

Empire of Ruins
Hunchback Assignments Book 3
Arthur Slade
Harper Collins
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ISBN 9781554683581

Arthur Slade has another smash hit on his hands. In this amazing novel we are reunited with Modo, Octavia, and Mr. Socrates, and Tharpa joins the expedition this time around. And of course, it features our favorite mechanical hand villain, Miss Hakkandottir. This time the steampunk adventure takes us to the colonies once again as we immerse ourselves in the Victorian World with a technological twist.
Now the adventure heads to the Australian Outback and a rumored Egyptian pyramid in the middle of the Jungle. Filled with a mix of Victorian sense and sensibility, and the steampunk cutting-edge technology, the story takes us into an alternate past. This story is wonderfully written with greater character development and depth than the earlier two books. Slade is a master storyteller and as he draws us into this world and the complex relationship between two spies serving their country, Modo and Octavia both explore new feelings and expectations. This adventure is to see and find a legendary God Face, an ancient relic supposed to turn an enemy arm upon itself. But with poisonous mechanical falcons, an assassin, and Modo and company always seeming one step behind, can they pull it together and achieve another victory for England and the Crown?

This book was another amazing read by an incredible Canadian author. Arthur Slade has been in my top ten reads almost every quarter and every year for a few years running. This book was no exception. I had heard a rumour that this book 3 was to be the last, but now Arthur Slade has confirmed at least a 4th book, breaking with his tradition of only doing trilogys for series, such as Northern Fights and his Canadian Chills. I already anticipate the next, and if you have not read them, read the Hunchback Assignments.

They are exceptional works of fiction!

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