Thursday 2 September 2010

The Art of Furnace - Alexander Gordon Smith

Last year I wrote a book called Judge A book By It's Cover, since starting to read this series of books by Alexander Gordon Smith it has come back to mind again and again. The first cover's I saw was the US edition Hardcover, there was something about it that kept drawing my attention, and I had to go to the store pickup the book and check it out. After reading that first book, I found out the series had been out for a few years in the UK already, and that in the UK it was a couple of books ahead of the US releases. I would never have read the books if I had seen the Uk covers first. Even the US softcovers might not of grabbed my attention. So here are the covers from the books. Thank you Alexander Gordon Smith for an amazing series. The first column is the UK covers for all 5 books. The second is the US softcovers for trade paperbacks and hard covers going forward. The thrid column is the original US covers that attracted me to the series.

Books By Alexander Gordon Smith:

Escape from Furnace:
Death Sentence
Execution Epilogue - Short Story
The Night Children - Short Story

Fury Series:
The Fury

The Inventors:
The Inventors
The Inventors And The City of Stolen Souls

1001 Questions and Answers
Inspired Creative Writing: 52 Brilliant Ideas from the Master Wordsmiths
The Solar System
Family Quiz
Writing Bestselling Children's Books: 52 Brilliant Ideas for Inspiring Young Readers

Mystery Books as Alex Smith:

Softley Softley Series:
2.0 Hard Luck House

DCI Kett Series:
2.0 Bad Dog
3.0 Three Little Pigs
The Art Of Furnace
Author Profile Interview With Alexander Gordon Smith

Some draft covers that were changed before release:

And a UK poster for book stores promoting this amazing series.

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