Friday 17 September 2010

Mockingjay - Hunger Games Book 3 - Suzanne Collins

Hunger Games
Book 3

Suzanne Collins
ISBN 9780439023511

Some books are so anticipated and so hyped they cannot help but disappoint. This book felt a little that way for me. I know the Hunger Games is dystopian fiction, and the story was resolved but to me it felt flat. I knew that not everyone would survive, and I must admit I was a little surprised by some who died and some who lived. But overall it left me wanting either something more, or something else. The best way to put it is the book left me vaguely unfulfilled. I could put my finger on it directly, until about three quarters of the way through it was living up to expectations. And it is one of the best books I have read this year. But there is this little nagging when I think about the book and the trilogy. I am sure my opinion on this matter will be in the minority but so be it.

As we know from the end of the last book, District 13 was not annihilated as the Capital of Penam would have us believe. A team from district 13 has rescued Katniss from her second trip to the arena of the Hunger Games. But how much can a human body and mind take? Katniss is struggling to keep herself together; she also has plans and motives all her own, no matter how other people want to use her. The resistance's goal is to use her as the Mockingjay, a tool to unite the rebels in the different districts, and a herald that can unite the people in a single cause against the capital and its peacekeepers.

The story is written at a good pace. The reader will find that they cannot put the book down. They will addictively read and read, even when they should go to bed, or back to work. You will want to find out what is going to happen next, and what is going to happen to Katniss, Gale, Peeta and the others we have come to care about in the first two books. You cannot help but appreciate the characters and watch as they grow and change through the books. Even though the end of the book left me feeling a little off, this is a great book in a great series. If you have not read the trilogy, do!

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