Thursday 16 September 2010

Eat Stop Eat - Brad Pilon

Eat Stop Eat:
The Radical New Approach to Nutrition

That Can Burn Fat, Improve Your Health

and might Just Save Your Life

Brad Pilon
Strength Works Inc.

A few years back, I read a book called God's Chosen Fast by Arthur Wallis, a medical doctor who had become convinced of the medical advantages of fasting. In this book, based upon personal experience and extensive research, Brad Pilon has become convinced that intermittent fasting is an excellent tool for optimal health, wellbeing and weight control. In this short book he does an amazing job of drawing together different resources. Drawing from cutting edge research and a wide range of medical and scientific resources he presents a very convincing argument. In this short book, under 100 pages, he covers the following topics:

Table of Content:
How it All Started
The Fasted State
The Disappearance of the Fasted State
Forget Everything You Have Ever Read About Fasting
Fasting and Your Metabolism
Fasting and Exercise
Fasting and Your Muscle Mass
Fasting and Hunger 39
The Health Benefits of Fasting
Decreased Insulin Levels & Increased Insulin Sensitivity
Increased Lipolysis and Fat Burning
Increased Glucagon Levels
Increased Epinephrine and Norepinephrine levels
Increased Growth Hormone Levels
Increased Weight Loss and Increased Fat Loss
Health Benefits - The Conclusion
The Eat Stop Eat Way of Life
What to do While Fasting
Eat Stop Eat Conclusions
Eat Stop Eat Frequently Asked Questions

This was a wonderful little book; it was a reminder for me but for many it will be new material well worth reading and considering. As the subtitle states, the information just might save your life.

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