Saturday 11 September 2010

Nighttime Too Scared to Sleep - Todd Strasser and Doug Cushman

Too Scared to Sleep
Todd Strasser (Author)
Doug Cushman (Illustrator)

Mike Laughead (Cover)

ISBN 9780545124775

These seven stories are written for a young audience. They are geared for children in grades 2-4, and the stories will entertain and surprise. I became interested in the series because the covers grabbed my attention. The covers reminded me of the movie Princess Monoke, and I had to read these stories. This is the second book in this series that I read and the 7 short stories in it are wonderfully dark and spooky. The stories are fun to read, and will make some children think twice about their behavior or misbehavior. In each of the stories someone is taught a lesson and usually they deserved it. It is an interesting technique of teaching children how to behave better by scaring them a little bit. Well-written and entertaining.

Books in the Nighttime Series:
Too Scared To Sleep
Too Afraid To Scream
Too Dark To See

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