Wednesday 22 September 2010

Ghost Hotel - Arthur Slade - Canadian Chills #2

Ghost Hotel
Canadian Chills #2
Arthur Slade
Coteau Books
ISBN 1550503065

Coteau Books' motto is Amazing stories, Amazing kids. This series by Arthur Slade lives up to that motto. I have now read two of the three and they are great stories. Walter the 'Wart' Bigger Bronson and Cindy his best friend witness a ghost in their school and they follow it to the historic Bessborough Hotel. While there, they are transported back in time to 1936. Walter and Cindy are twelve year old detectives and they investigate the paranormal.

This book is a ghost story that is both intense and humorous. Walter states early in the book: "The main reason this time travel and ghostly otherworldly stuff happens is because I live in Saskatoon. The problem with Saskatoon is that no one believes it exists. Oh sure, the people who live here, Saskatonians (or Saskatoonians or Tooners), they know the place is real, but step outside the city limits and no one believes there is, or ever was, such a place as Saskatoon. … Saskatoon is the Bermuda Triangle of the prairies. It's the ghost capital of Canada." So after encountering a ghost who led them into the past they must now figure out what is bothering the ghost and how to settle its spirit.

Ghost Hotel and the whole Canadian Chills series studies the world of the mysterious, the unknown and attempts to answer questions. It helps readers explore questions and 'what ifs' that often arise in life. Wart and Cindy have a great friendship and the characters are believable, and as they delve into the mystery they must find inner strength and character in order to get through this mystery together. It is a great story in a great series.

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Nikki in Niagara said...

I'm convinced! I have to read all his books! This sounds fantastic. We lived in AB for years and my dh is from Saskatoon so I can appreciate his prairie humour :-)