Monday 15 March 2010

My Favourite Teas

My Favourite Teas

This will be my thirteenth and final article on tea, for the time being. In each of my previous and specific tea articles I rated my favorite teas based on their type, Red, White, Green, Black, Mate, Fruit Blends, Wellness Blends and herbal. This article will list my top ten favorite teas that I keep around all the time and why. It was really hard narrowing it down to a list of just 10. Below the name of the tea is a description from the company's website, or catalogue.

1. Wonderful White - Teaopia - 10
White tea is a combination of White Tea, apple pieces, orange peel, ginger bits, cinnamon, lemongrass, coconut flakes, pistachio, red peppercorns, and corn flower blossoms.

2. Superberry White - Teaopia - 10
Superberry White Tea is a mixture of White Tea, apple pieces, schisandra berries, cranberries, goji berries, bilberries, and mallow flower blossoms. The combination of incredibly healthy White Tea with these true `super` berries makes a tea that everyone will want to have in their tea collection. This tea is high in antioxidants and helps strengthen the immune system.

3. Desert Sage - Republic of Tea - 10
Indigenous Herbs from the Deserts of the World Indigenous, Naturally Caffeine-Free Herbs from Desert Regions including rooibos, white sage, orange bergamot, mint, and lemon grass. The heady aroma of white sage evokes images of the high desert. Full-bodied rooibos and cool mint are added for a satisfying and complex brew.

4. Double Bergamot Earl Grey - Stash Tea - 10
In the Double Bergamot Earl Grey tea, the black tea base still serves as a solid foundation for this blend, but the oil of bergamot takes wing and soars to new unprecedented heights. The flavour is quite pronounced but not at all soapy or bitter which would happen with low grade oils. Is the flavour too strong? For a conservative drinker, maybe yes, but more adventurous types really seem to like it.

5. Goji Green - Teaopia - 10
Green Tea consists of organic sencha shokai, goji berries, schisandra berries, pomegranate flower blossoms and an all natural strawberry aroma. Get the benefits of Goji berries and Green Tea with this amazing blend.

6. Monk's Blend Tea - Teaopia - 10
Monk's Blend is a dramatic combination of Ceylon Black Tea, vanilla and grenadine. This flavoured tea has a mysterious background, as it is believed to have been developed by monks to fulfill their life's desires and used by Franciscan monks to keep them awake during periods of meditation. While we may not know the true history of Monk's blend, we do know that this tea is delicious and much desired by vanilla lovers.

7. Irish Breakfast - Twinings - 10
As its name suggests this combination of Assam broken and Sumatra teas is the perfect accompaniment to a morning breakfast. This full bodied, strong and malty tea provides a colourful cup with a defined flavour perfect any time of day for tea lovers.

8. Yerba Mate - Teaopia - 10
Yerba Mate is the beverage of choice in South American countries due to its well-balanced flavour and health benefits. This drink is high in anti-oxidants, essential minerals and vitamins, making it an extremely nutritious choice for health-conscious consumers. It should be noted that Yerba Mate is the only herbal blend that is naturally caffeinated, which makes it great for those trying to make the switch from coffee to a healthy alternative since it provides energy without side effects such as jittering and muscle tension.

9. Cactus Fig - Teaopia - 9
This flavoured tea is the perfect blend of Green Sencha, fig pieces, aloe vera, sandalwood and orange flowers. The combination provides an earthy yet sweet taste and aroma that is perfect any time of day.

10. Fit Active and Rise and Shine- Teaopia - 8
This Wellness Blend is a combination of apple pieces, rose hip peel, strawberry and raspberry leaves, elderberries, bramble berries, sunflower petals, vitamin C from the acerola cherry, and safflower and cornflower petals. This tea is a must have for all tea drinkers as it helps prevent the common cold and is very rich in vitamin C. Keep this Wellness Blend as part of your collection and watch how the health benefits transform your life.
A perfect combination of lapacho, honeybush, Yerba Mate, apple pieces, cinnamon bits, green Mate, chrysanthemum flowers, guarana powder, cola nut, pomegranate blossoms, marigold and aroma. This blend is considered a great stimulant without the side effects of coffee, which makes it wonderful for those trying to make the switch to tea.

I hope you have enjoyed my series on tea; I have enjoyed your many comments on facebook and my blog, I look forward to trying some of the teas you have suggested.

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