Sunday 7 March 2010

Fruit Blends

Fruit Blends

Teaopia separates its fruit based teas from their other selections. They state that the fruit based teas are all natural. Fruit Blends are comprised of dried fruit, combined with natural flavours and aromas. They also state that the majority of their Fruit Blends are naturally caffeine free and high in vitamin C, thus they are ideal for
introducing children to tea. Of the 11 teas currently offered in the Fruit Blends selection, only 1 has green or black tea in it. The fruit teas also make excellent iced tea, but I find that you can make iced tea of almost any tea. I personally do not enjoy many of the fruit blends unless I custom blend them with another tea. I especially like blending them with a plain Yerba Mate or a plain Rooibos or Rooibos Earl Grey.

My Favourite Fruit Blends Teas:
1. Mojito Raspberry Mint - Teaopia - 9
2. Iced Princess - Teaopia - 8
3. Black Currant - Teaopia - 7
4. Aztecs Gold - Teaopia - 6
5. Fruity Ginger - Teaopia - 6

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