Thursday 11 March 2010

Sunwing - Kenneth Oppel

Kenneth Oppel (blog)
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ISBN 9780006481713

The first book in this series, Silverwing, won 11 awards; this book won 8. It continues the saga of Shade a young silverwing bat. He has been in search of his father. He believes it is linked to the silver bands he has been tagged with and that his father was also tagged with. He discovers a mysterious forest inside a human building with plenty of bugs to eat, fresh water and thousands of bats. It is also a haven, free from the tyranny of birds, and especially owls. Yet his friends are not so sure it is the place to be.

He and his friends are soon swept up into a world they could never have imagined, transported to Latin America and the jungles. They soon become embroiled with the Vampyrum Spectrum bats and their king Goth. The little silverwing with heart, busts battle bats with 3 foot wing spans and other animals and creatures formerly unknown to him. Can Shade unite rats, small bats and even owl's in a battle against Goth who is trying to turn the world into eternal night? The story woven around mythology and legends and actual animal behaviour is wonderful to read - it is a page turner and you will not be able to put it down.

The Silverwing Saga

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