Tuesday 16 March 2010

Scholastic's Summer Reading Challenge

Great reading all laid out for you. Scholastic Canada this summer is getting kids(of all ages) ready to READ FOR THE WORLD RECORD. This is a summer reading challenge where every minute counts, every minute that you read that is. Young readers can sign up now and do practice runs. Looks like a great opportunity and challenge. The reading list for different ages look amazing. So check them out and join the challenge. The current world record was set in 2009 when 35,846,094 minutes were logged and the top school had 683,057 minutes. The website has lots of information on the past few years challenges.

There are Reading lists for different age groups and for the older groups categories.

Ages 3-5 84-9
Ages 5-7 139-11
Ages 8-10 People and Places 29-3
Ages 8-10 Thrills & Chills 20-2
Ages 8-10 Friends & Fun 52-2
Ages 8-10 Fantasy & Adventure 34-2
Ages 10-12 People and Places 31-2
10-12 Thrills & Chills 32-3
10-12 Friends & Fun 44-2
Ages 10-12 Fantasy & Adventure 52-6
Young Adult People and Places 24-2
Young Adult Thrills & Chills 31-1
Young Adult Friends & Fun 37-3
Young Adult Fantasy & Adventure 34-5

(The first number is the total books in this category the second is how many I have read.) Some books appear in more than one category or a few even in more than one age group. But these look like awesome reading lists. I am going to try and double my numbers in each category by September.

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