Monday 1 March 2010

White Tea

White Tea

White tea consists of the young buds and very young leaves of the tea plant, which are covered with a silvery white down, giving the unopened leaf a white appearance and a gentle delicate flavour. This special tea is most often handpicked which usually results in more limited quantities, and thus higher prices. Because of this early harvest and limited processing it often retains higher levels of antioxidants. White tea is often considered the purest form of tea because of this. Therefore white tea contains high amounts of antioxidants, along with health promoting phytochemicals that destroy free radicals, boost the immune system, acts as an antiviral and contributes to maintaining a healthy, active metabolism and circulatory system which is why it is often associated with health and well being. Recent studies indicate that White tea can also contribute in fighting obesity, is also known to reduce stress and relaxes the mind, which makes it the definitive health tea. With all of these incredible benefits and its fantastic taste it is no wonder that white tea has become such a popular drink around the world.

White tea is believed to have been discovered in China during the Song Dynasty, 960-1279 AD. Early on, white tea was reserved as the "Emperor's drink" and as a result the common people were not allowed to drink this variety of tea or could not afford it. Eventually after much cultivation, white tea eventually became available to all, but it was still extremely rare and expensive. And until recently, I had avoided higher priced white teas, and not really sampled them because of the cost difference between white, red, green and black teas. White teas are often double the price for quality brands. Yet that was really my loss. I currently keep 3 types of Teaopia white tea both at home and work. I find the flavours wonderful and soothing. Often I enjoy taking slow sips and letting it flow over the tongue slowly to savour the flavour as it hits different parts of the tongue. I am finding it is worth the extra money both for the taste and for the benefits.

My Favourite White Teas:
1. Wonderful White - Teaopia - 10
2. Superberry White - Teaopia - 10

3. Berryblossom White - Tazo - 9
4. Strawberry Fields - Teaopia - 9

5. Simply Mango - Teaopia - 8
6. Princess Earl Grey - Teaopia - 7
7. White Tea with Pomegranate - Twinings - 7
8. Fusion Red, White & Blueberry Tea - Stash Tea - 6
9. Pure White - Twinings - 6
10. Raspberry White Tea - Stash Tea - 6

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