Monday 29 March 2010

A Crazy Case of Robots - Barnes & the Brains Book 3 - Kenneth Oppel

A Crazy Case of Robots
Barnes & the Brains Book 3

Kenneth Oppel (blog)

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ISBN 9781554685301

This is one of the first three books released in a new series by Kenneth Oppel. First published in 1994 by Scholastic, now reprinted by Harper Collins, the first three books were released in February 2010, with three more slated for release in May. Kenneth Oppel on his blog talks about this series being written to be a resource between picture books and full novels for younger readers. It seems like it will do a good job and fill that niche.

Tina and Kevin Quark are child geniuses, and this year for the science fair Tina has created a fully functioning, learning Robot, the Tinatron 1000. But her parents will not let her keep it in the house. They persuade Giles Barnes' parents to allow it to stay with them, in part because Mrs. Barnes is a university professor and she can have high-end mathematical conversations with the Robot. But while Mrs. Barnes is trying to solve a difficult math solution, the Robot shorts out and starts to make mistakes. Soon it is missing and Giles and the Quarks are on the hunt for a lost and broken Robot.

It is a great fun read, for children of all ages.

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