Tuesday 9 March 2010

Wellness Blends

Wellness Blends

It seems everywhere you look these days, tea manufacturers are touting the health benefits of tea. Almost every distributor of tea is hopping on the trend of combining super foods with tea or combining other plants and teas to market them as good for you. There have been so many studies documenting the benefits of tea that there is no doubt about it. Most manufacturers combine green or black tea with other botanicals to make their wellness teas. What is different about Teaopia's Wellness Blends is that they are infusions made with herbs, flowers, roots, spices or other parts of plants. Since herbal infusions do not contain tea leaves they are generally caffeine free. Teaopia uses as a base for many of their Wellness Blends, either Rooibos, Yerba Mate, Roasted Yerba Mate or Honeybush. These make for excellent teas with lots of flavour and health benefits. And, yes, technically they are not really tea because they are not derived from the Camellia sinensis plant, yet they make a satisfying cup that is beneficial to your well being and overall health. These teas are designed to help achieve balance and health for body, mind and spirit. They are among some of my favourites. These herbal blends and others have been attributed to help with many conditions. Herbal preparations are widely used for a whole host of common conditions including insomnia, arthritis, colds, coughs, ulcers, allergies, constipation, infections, high blood pressure, intestinal disorders, headaches, fever, anaemia, weakness, aging, stress, nervousness and indigestion. Check out the Wellness Tea website for list of active ingredients and what they are supposed to help.

My Favourite Wellness Blends Teas:
1. Sunset Honeybush - Teaopia - 10
2. Rise and Shine - Teaopia - 9
3. Autumn Breeze - Teaopia - 9
4. Slim and Slendor - Teaopia - 9
5. Fit Active - Teaopia - 8
6. Calming - Teaopia - 7
7. Cleansing - Teaopia - 6

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5. Black Teas
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11. Purveyors of Fine Tea (my preferences.)
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Top Ten Teas of 2010

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