Thursday 1 April 2021

Unplugged - Gordon Korman

Gordon Korman
eISBN 9781443187442

This was the twelfth book from the masterful pen of Gordon Korman that I have read. Over the last few years my son and I have read about a dozen books by Gordon Korman. And we plan to read many of the older titles, but love picking up his new releases and giving them a read. We have loved all the books we have read so far, and have many we want to read. Most of them deal with series matters, and yet there is always a great deal of humour to the storytelling. My son wants to read this one and we will once he is done his current book. But I could not wait. And devoured it spending a good chuck of a Saturday reading. I just did not want to put it down. 

Like many of Korman’s books this one is told in a series of chapters in the first-person perspective. The points of view we have for various chapters are:

Jett Baranov 
Grace Atwater 
Tyrell Karrigan 
Matt Louganis  
Brandon Bucholz  
Brooklynne Feldman 

Two of the characters on have a chapter each and Jeff has the most at 11 chapters. Jett Baranov is the spoiled brat child of a Silicon Valley tech genius billionaire. He crosses the line one time too many and is sent to the Oasis Mind and Body Wellness Center. Here he is supposed to remain unplugged. No devices, no screen time. No meat. But Jett is use to bending, diverting and outright breaking rules. But something different happens here. Jett sort of makes some friends. And finds out he care about something other than himself or getting his father’s attention. 

This is an excellent Middle Grade read about friendship and coming to know yourself. But it is full of Korman’s usual humour, and all wrapped up in a mystery. Oh and there are crocodiles. Who wouldn’t trade tofu for BBQ. And Brussel sprouts for burgers. But once Jett is on the trail of something not being right he cannot let it go. Even if he has to go it alone. To find out what happens. You will need to read this excellent volume.

With every book IO read from Korman’s pen the more impressed I am. His books have great appeal to younger readers but are written so that parents, adults, and educators can enjoy them as well. Another great read from Gordon Korman. 

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