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Paul VI Pilgrim Pope - Michael Collins - People of God

Paul VI Pilgrim Pope
People of God Series
ISBN 9780814646694
eISBN 9780814646939

This was the third book in the People of God Series that I have read. One of the other’s has since been pulled and I believe is being rewritten. It is also the first book by Father Michael Collins that I have read. I plan to read a number of other books by Collins, and also in this series. The books in this series have so far been fairly easy reads. They could be used in secondary school as texts. And are easily accessible to most teen, and adult readers. This is one of several books I have read about Saint Pope Paul VI in the last few years. A few before his canonization and a few since. 

The chapters in this volume are:

The Birth and Youth of John Baptist Montini 
The Call to Rome 
Pius XII, the Postwar Years, and the Departure for Milan 
John XXIII, the Council, and the Election of John Baptist 
The Missionary Pope 
Paul and the Postconciliar Church 
A Pontificate Drawing to a Close 

The description of this book is:

“Pope Paul VI (1963-78) was one of the most important and influential pontiffs of the twentieth century. In this engaging biography, Michael Collins examines this deeply spiritual man who is remembered as a reformer, evangelizer, and pilgrim.
Pope Paul’s pontificate was marked by an unprecedented series of international journeys, establishing a practice that his successors developed even further. These brought him face-to-face with modern life throughout the globe and the challenge of making the Christian message relevant in a secular world. Paul VI is regarded for his efforts to reduce poverty in the developing world, bolster the church’s rejection of artificial birth control, and foster better relations between Catholics and Orthodox and Reformed Christians. He was beatified in 2014 by Pope Francis.”

This is by no means a detailed or exhaustive biography. It is a brief volume covering many of the high points. It is an excellent brief biography. One that can be read in a few hours over a couple of mugs of coffee. It was a very enjoyable read. And great even for those who read much about Saint Pope Paul VI.

This book is an engaging read. It was difficult to put down. Even with the other books that I have read about Paul IV, I am grateful that I gave this one a read. Father Michael has several books about popes, pontificates, and the Vatican. If they are as god and enjoyable as this volume, they will be excellent reads. I have already added a few to my wish list. I also still have plans to read several more volumes from this series. A great read. I highly recommend it. I read it one day when I found my self home alone foe the day. I read part indoors and retired to the deck to finish it in the afternoon sun.  

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2021 Catholic Reading Plan

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