Friday 30 April 2021

The Cat's Quizzer - Dr. Seuss

The Cat's Quizzer
Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN 0394832965
ISBN 9780385379465
ISBN 9780007379576

Recently because of some media spotlight on Dr. Seuss and his works. I decided to reread the 6 books in question and two others. But alas only had 5 of the 6 on hand. This is the eighth of the reviews, the 6 in question and 2 of my favorites.

Bah! I admit of all the Dr. Seuss books I have read. I enjoyed this one the least. I only went looking for it to have read all the ones recently taken out of print. They were going for ridiculous prices. But for me it comes down to the fact that I just did not enjoy this book. There were some interesting facts. Some memory games and a few tricks along the way. Basically, each page or 2 page spread is a short quiz. It is illustrated in typical Seuss style. And typical Cat in the Hat humor. But it just feels too forced. Like he was trying too hard to add a book to the Cat’s collection. 

Dr. Seuss is famous for his many children’s books. Books that spark the imagination. Surprise, and amaze. There is a large collection of old animated shorts based on them. And these has been several movies both animated and life action. He also wrote two books that though written and illustrated in a similar style and format are considered adult books they are The Seven Lady Godivas and contrary to my original belief You're Only Old Once! not The Butter Battle Book as I had previously believed. Butter Battle is a commentary on war and is often found in the children’s sections in bookstores and libraries, and sometimes in the adult section. Godivas I believe is long out of print, I believe the last printing was in 1988. And I am only aware of it because it is the favorite book of a friend.  

I do not know a child who has not engaged with these books on some level. My youngest and my wife have a few of them memorized. And recite them to each other before bed, as much as read. My children loved the old, animated shorts, and like most of the movies. I was less fond of the live action movies but appreciate most of the animated ones. But back to this book.

As stated earlier a book of quizzes, questions and riddles. It includes a few puzzles to be worked out. His normal illustrations. But to be honest nothing original or new. It feels like a book that was forced, and many of the illustrations were reused. I was underwhelmed by this book, completely underwhelmed.  

I had not read this one before, which really was no loss!

Note: I recently heard that 6 of the books by Dr. Seuss were being taken out of print. The 6 are: And to Think I Saw It On Mulberry Street, If I Ran the Zoo, McElligot's Pool, On Beyond Zebra!, Scrambled Eggs Super!, The Cat's Quizzer. We had 5 of the 6 in our collection so I gave them a reread. The 6th The Cat's Quizzer I can only find used in Canada, the lowest price is $992. 

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