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Level 13 - Gordon Korman - Slacker Book 2

Level 13
Slacker Book 2
Gordon Korman
eISBN 9781338286229

This was the sixth Gordon Korman novel we have read in the last few months. After reading Restart, my son and I each picked two other books by him and picked up the eBooks. My son can read on his iPod and I can read on my phone during my commute to work. And we can share about our experiences with the story and have conversations around the books. Sometimes when we really get into one, we will also read it together in the evening. So you might be asking why 4 books by Korman, we each had preferences for which ones we wanted to read. I gave in a bit and we each got 4 and have a book to read each week for the next month together. But this is the last of those original selections. We have both become addicted to Korman’s writing. And we already have another half dozen that we want to read. Moth my son and I love the books by Korman that we have read. But it seems that ‘to be read piles’ are constantly having more Korman books added!

This is the second book featuring Cam Boxer, or at least the second that we have read. And to be honest we really hop it is not the last. In the first one Slacker, all Cam wanted to do was live his lifestyle, be a gamer and making a living live streaming. He created a fake school group, the PAG, Positive Action Group/ And his fake group became a big hit, and ended up in conflict with the High School group. In this volume Cam’s role as president of the PAG is really cutting into his gaming time. So he and the other two members of the awesome threesome let word get out that he needs to pull back because his grades are slipping. And thus is born GameFox229, Cam goes online wearing a Zoro mask and with gummy worms stuffed in his cheeks to disguise his voice. During that first live stream the town beaver, Elvis, sits on his shoulder and really seems to be into the game. And soon his live stream is taking off. But only while the beaver is there.

Soon he has hundreds of thousand followers and ten of thousands of subscribers. They seem as into the beaver as the game he is playing. And both Elvis and the followers are really interested in the Guardians of Geldorf game he is playing. It appears to be a variant that was banned in 47 states and people who love the game are picking up all the differences and dreaming of a hidden banned level. Soon Pavel and Chuck are helping to cover it all up again. Cam is accepting assignments and school help from anyone in the school. 

But something is going sideways for Cam. And his sister who has always considered that he lived a charmed life is really starting to worry about him. Daphne is really worrying about Elvis and his loss of weight. Cam is looking like a wreck, bags under his eyes, pasty, losing weight himself. And when certain things come to light it all starts collapsing around him.

But to find out if Cam can figure a way out of the mess, he created this time, you will read to read this awesome book. Slacker was an excellent read, but in may ways this follow up is even better. Last year my Gordon Korman wish list will consumed a lot of my reading budget towards the end of the year. It is another excellent read from the always entertaining pen of Gordon Korman. A great read and fun for readers of all ages.  

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