Thursday 23 April 2020

Product Review Rosary Pouch - Coin Purse from a&k Designs

Rosary Pouch - Coin Purse
a&k Designs


I absolutely love my new Rosary pouches. In fact, I love them so much I have ordered three different times and given half of them away. My wife already had a number of products from this company. Many for personal use and that she has given away as gifts. We have small pounces in the car to organize the console bin. My wife has a few small pouches in her purse to help organize and find stuff easier.

The company is run locally by two sisters. One of the two was my oldest daughter’s confirmation sponsor. I asked her about Rosary pouches and had my first 4 within days. The first set had 2 with side zippers and 2 with top zippers. I fell in love with the side zipper pouches. When I am not at home, I have 2 of these on me, one to hold my coins, and the other a rosary. With them being double layered they hold up well. In the picture below the blue camo, top left, has been in my pocket daily for almost a year with a heavy Rosary in it. The pouch is a little rumpled, but the Rosary is protected, as is my pocket.

I have ordered some extras and given them away to priests I know. They are the best Rosary pouches I have ever had. And their other products are just as good.

We have three of the small rectangular pouches in the car. One has gum, one has candy and breath mints, and the third has tools (tweezers, scissors, nail clippers, …). And each is a different patter so it is easy to grab the pouch with what you want and need.

If you are looking for a Rosary Pouch please reach out to them. If your life could use a little more organization They have a wide range of products in a mix of fun, funky and fantastic patterns.  I give these products top marks. To be honest when my wife first started bringing them home, I thought why do we need all of these, I was mistaken. They have helped our whole family. And each child has their own Rosary pouch now also.

Great products from great people.

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