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Novena to St Gemma Galgani - April 17th to 25th 2020

Novena to St Gemma Galgani

17th -25th April 2020

St Gemma, beloved handmaid of God, witness to light and daughter of the passion of Christ, intercede for the Church and for all souls in these times, that the light of Christ may shine out upon the world so the darkness may never overcome us.

Pray that the sacrifice of Jesus upon the Cross may be a safeguard for us and the means of our transformation in grace. Be our advocate and help in our daily trials and temptations and guide us along the path of holiness and peace to rejoice in the presence of God so that we too may make Him known through our lives.

Watch over and assist those serving in the ministry of deliverance and those they seek to help; be their champion and intercessor and assure them of your presence and prayers.

Remember most especially those who are far from God. Pray for them and their needs so they may come to know Christ and His love for them and that, one day, they too may delight in being children of God and seek to serve Him with all their hearts.

In particular, I ask that you may obtain from God the grace of ________________________.

Our Father. Hail Mary. Glory be.

Saint Gemma, Pray for us.

Note: Father John S. Hogan posted about Saint Gemma on her feast day, April 11th. The post reminded me of a book I had read and reviewed, Gemma Galgani Gem of Christ by John Paul Kirkham. Fr Hogan's posts about Gemma generated a lot of conversation and responses. Most were good, a few very anti-Catholic. So he decided to start this novena. Please join us in praying this noveva. 

If you are interested a different Novena to Gemma is available here. Since I read the book about Saint Gemma I have been praying this prayer from Pope John Paul II:

O Father, we ask you to establish Your dwelling in those who love you with a heart pure and simple, that through the example and the intercession of St Gemma, we may live the pure Gospel and the mystery of a love crucified, to be the living image of your Son. He who lives and reigns in the unity of the Holy Spirit, for ever and ever. Amen.

St Gemma Galgani pray for us.

And I encourage you to read more by and about this amazing saint. Father Hogan states:

"Apart from mystical sufferings & physical ailments, St Gemma endured emotional trials. Her mother’s death in 1886 & most devastatingly, the death of her favourite brother Gino, a seminarian, in 1894, at the age of 18: Gemma fell seriously ill after that."


Some of the Gemma Galagani tweets that started this link 1, link2link 3.

Books by and about Saint Gemma Galgani:
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The Autobiography and Diary of St Gemma with Novena and Prayers in Honor of the Saint - Edited by Glenn Dallaire
Gemma Galgani Gem of Christ - John Paul Kirkham - CTS Great Saints
The Life of St. Gemma Galgani - Ven. Fr. Germanus Of St. Stanislaus
The Saint Gemma Galgani Collection - Saint Gemma Galgani

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