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Ungifted - Gordon Korman - Ungifted Book 1

Ungifted Book 1
Gordon Korman
eISBN 9781443119788

This was the third Gordon Korman novel we have read in as many weeks. After reading Restart, my son and I each picked two other books by him and picked up the eBooks. My son can read on his iPod and I can read on my phone during my commute to work. And we can share about our experiences with the story and have conversations around the books. Sometimes when we really get into one, we will also read it together in the evening. So you might be asking why 4 books by Korman, we each had preferences for which ones we wanted to read. I gave in a bit and we each got 4 and have a book to read each week for the next month together.

This second book was one of my my picks. I picked this and The Unteachables. My son picked Slacker, and Level 13. And we went with this one second because my son had picked Restart. And he was behind me at reading. It was an interesting jump to go from reading The Unteachable to reading this one that centers around a gifted program. And the story of this one is a great mash of the first two we read. Like some of the other stories by Korman this story if written in multiple first person narrative, and ach chapter title is a word beginning with ‘Un’ and the name of that narrator and their IQ. The chapters are:

Unearthed: Donovan Curtis, IQ: 112
Unidentified: Dr. Schultz, IQ: 127
Unexplained: Donovan Curtis, IQ: 112
Unarmed: Chloe Garfinkle, IQ: 159
Unknowing: Donovan Curtis, IQ: 112
Uncredited: Mr. Osborne, IQ: 132
Unrepaired: Donovan Curtis, IQ: 112
Unsurprised: Chloe Garfinkle, IQ: 159
Unfailing: Noah Youkilis, IQ: 206
Unpasteurized: Donovan Curtis, IQ: 112
Unsuccessful: Dr. Schultz, IQ: 127
Unrockin’: Chloe Garfinkle, IQ: 159
Untrustworthy: Donovan Curtis, IQ: 112
Unsorry: Noah Youkilis, IQ: 206
Untested: Donovan Curtis, IQ: 112
Unforgivable: Ms. Bevelaqua, IQ: 140
Unreal: Katie Patterson, IQ: 107
Unmasked: Dr. Schultz, IQ: 127
Unwelcome: Donovan Curtis, IQ: 112
Unbelievable: Chloe Garfinkle, IQ: 159
Unschooled: Donovan Curtis, IQ: 112
Unseen: Mr. Osborne, IQ: 132
Uncontrolled: Donovan Curtis, IQ: 112
Unexpected: Chloe Garfinkele, IQ: 159
Unburdened: Abigail Lee, IQ: 171
Unchallenged: Noah Youkilis, IQ: 206
Unlittered: Donovan Curtis, IQ: 112

My son was the one who noticed all the ‘Un’ chapter titles I had not put it together yet. The story follows Donovan, who is often in trouble, and whose actions often outpace his brain. After being put in detention and missing the school’s basketball game, he sneaks out and ends up giving a statue of Atlas a wack with a big stick. Unfortunately, only a single old corroded bolt was hold the world up, and it fell from Atlas’s shoulders and was heading down hill towards the car park. Donovan tried to catch it and did give it a nudge, and instead it plowed through the gum doors and caused havoc at the game. He was apprehended by Dr. Schultz the school district supervisor. But by some confusion instead of being punished he was sent to the school for gifted children. Donovan the class clown is hiding out. But something happens. He ends up developing friendships with the brainiacs. And he gets into their fever for the robot competition. And soon Donovan who is known for causing havoc is actually the one trying to prevent it. To see all the issues and how they get resolved you will need to read this excellent story.

This story left me desperate to read the sequel Supergifted but the next book is my sons pick so we are reading Slacker next. But either way I am sure we are in for a great read. This story was a fantastic and I am very excited to find out what will happen with the characters in the next volume. 

Another fantastic read from the pen of Gordon Korman. Fun for readers of all ages. 

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