Wednesday 16 October 2019

Armageddon - Jack Heath - Liars Book 5

Liars Book 5
ISBN 9781742993430
eISBN 9781743837474

This series is got better with every book! This is the firth and final book in the Liars series. (At least that we know of to date. But more on that later.) I am very thankful that the eBooks are available globally. It would have been terribly disappointing to have read the first book and then not been able to get the rest. That has happened to me with a couple of other authors from down under. This book and whole series are great MG/YA reads. It has a very fast pace. Lots of action and Jarli and his friends getting caught in the culmination of master criminal Viper’s plots. 

This story begins with viper releasing a video stating that they are going to release a biological weapon on the town of Kelton. The town is in the process of evacuating when Jarli realized that things are even worse off than he expected. He bolts from a car and heads back to Kelton. Connecting up with his friend Anya and her father they head back into town to break back into prison to free some abandoned friends and family. But as we have come to learn, when it comes to Viper nothing is as simple as you plan or hope. And soon the team is separated, has been divided. And Jarli finally figures out who Viper really is and why they are doing what they are doing. 

The whole series has action galore. But this installment has even more. It practically races from the beginning to the final confrontation. The characters are great, and I will be honest and state the main twist took me completely by surprise. One of the strengths of the series are the characters, Jarli, Anya, Doug, and Bess. Jarli and Bess were already great friends but the four of them grew closer together through the adventures and trials they faced. 

This was a series I loved. It is written for a late Middle Grade or early young adult audience. But it is simply a great series that can be enjoyed by readers of any age. This book and the entire series are very well written. I think the books would make an excellent miniseries on TV. I am sure if you give this series a try you will be entertained! Heath has written a great story, and I honestly hope we encounter the characters again, in either a continuation or another series with them at the center of events. This is a great book and series!

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