Thursday 3 October 2019

Finnian and the Seven Mountains Issue 2 - Philip Kosloski and Michael Lavoy

Finnian and the Seven Mountains Issue 2 
Philip Kosloski
Michael Lavoy (Illustrator)
Jaymes Reed (Lettering)
ISBN 9780578533520 

These days I am not much of a comic book guy. Sure, when I was younger there were certain comics or authors I followed. But I have seldom bought physical comics in the last several years, and even less often bought electronic copies. Those I have bought have been because of authors I love. Typically, I would rather wait for the graphic novel compilation of the run. There are only two exceptions in recent history. This series and Cecil Castellucci’s Shade the Changing Girl. And the wait of almost a year for this volume 2 was hard, I often wondered if it would see the light of day. If it had not it would have been a pity for the story is wonderfully written and excellently illustrated. 

Having read and loved Philip Kosloski’s The Last Monks of Skellig Michael, and also Issue 1, I was already familiar with the setting of this story, and it’s ties to the latest Star Wars movies. Over the last year I have also read numerous books by Alice Curtayne including a few collections of stories about Irish Saints. Thus, making the setting, characters and events, in this story are even more familiar. Any yet even with that familiarity it is great to see this story come to life in a new format.

Again in this issue Philip Kosloski does a great job with the story, and Michael Lavoy does an excellent job with the illustrations. And this time Jaymes Reed does the lettering. The text is easy to follow, and the illustrations done with a bright vibrant pallet. It is interesting that based on the art and the story Brandon is portrayed or appears older and more mature than Finnian, when historically Brandon was about 15 years younger. But based on the variation on the tale and the typing it to a Lord of the Rings ethos it makes sense for the age change.

I have read this story through twice now, once by myself and once with my son. He loved the illustrations, but was hoping for another full page picture of Saint Michael. At 11 years old he is still determined to become a priest, he was familiar with both Brandon and Finnian from other books we have read this year. But the introduction of Merewyn was new to him.

This story is based on legends about Skellig Michael, and tales of historic Saints. It will bring to life, in a new way, saintly men who many might be unfamiliar with. And even if the reader is familiar with the stories to see it rather than just read it. I know my son would prefer a physical copy, but I am a devotee of the electronic format. It is a great second installment and we look forward to the continuing story. 

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2019 Catholic Reading Plan!

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