Monday 7 October 2019

We'll Never Tell Them - Fiorella De Maria

We'll Never Tell Them
Fiorella De Maria
Ignatius Press

ISBN 9781621640615
eISBN 9781681496627

This was the sixth book by Fiorella that I have read. It was also the fifth novel. I have been impressed by each of her books. And can state that she is one of my favorite contemporary authors. After I read the first book, I picked up eBooks for all that have digital editions. I have now read all but one that is currently in print. And I have read one that is out of print and tracked down a second. And I am eager to find out when her next book will release. Fiorella has Maltese heritage and that heritage and culture plays a large part in this and some of her other stories. In some ways reading these stories reminds me of the great Irish writers of the last century. Who wrote and revealed a lot about the place and the people. And whose stories became popular around the world. I feel the same about Fiorella’s works. The stories are so powerful and moving. I cannot encourage you enough to give one of her stories a try. 

This is a story within a story. Kristjana a nurse from England takes off on the spur of the moment. Abandoning the rooms she rents, her job and even her phone. Leaving London behind she travels to Jerusalem and takes up a post serving at a hospital there. In Jerusalem she is tasked with comforting a man dying from cancer. The man’s mother was Maltese and he proceeds to tell Kristjana his mother’s life story a Liljana Hampton.

The story goes back and forth between the past and the present. Between the tales of Kristjana and Liljana. It is the story of two women finding their way in the world. With the backdrop of their catholic faith and Maltese heritage weaving the stories together. 

This story is masterfully written. You will be drawn in by the characters and their situations. And the stories two generations apart but with similar themes and motifs. Fiorella’s stories captivate, they draw the read in and keep them hooked until the end. And they leave the reader wanting more. Four of her novels are stand alone works, and they cover a wide breadth of topics. But each is wonderfully written and worth the time to read. At this point in time if I could introduce friends and families to a new author, I would suggest they give Fiorella’s works a try. 

Another amazing read from Fiorella De Maria if you have not given her books a try I strongly encourage you to do so! 

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2019 Catholic Reading Plan

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