Sunday 5 December 2010

Fat Vampire - Adam Rex - A Never Coming Of Age Story

Fat Vampire:
A Never Coming Of Age Story

Adam Rex

Balzer & Bray

an imprint of Harper Collins

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ISBN 9780061920905

The title and cover of this book grabbed my attention immediately. I have never heard about, read or even seen in a movie with a fat vampire. Vampires are always good looking and often a sort of alpha male or female. Doug does not fit that mold; he is short, doughy, and an outcast at school. And his afterlife is not all he expected it to be. He soon begins wondering if there might be a way out.

The book was a complete surprise, and a wonderful new twist on the undead life - a young man in high school just trying to find his way in life, when he finds himself dead. He still goes to ComicCon with his best friend; he keeps feeding on cows because he has not learned how to harness his dark powers. It is a vampire book like none you have ever read before. It is a completely new spin on an old legend.

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