Monday 20 December 2010

The War At Ellsmere - Faith Erin Hicks

The War At Ellsmere
Faith Erin Hicks
SLG Publishing
ISBN 9781593621407

I need to preface this review by stating that I always wanted to go to a prep or military school. The whole concept of it appeals to my personality and temperament. This book shines a somewhat different light than my previous expectations. The War at Ellsmere is a book primarily about a young scholarship student at a very pretentious school. Juniper is 13 years old and has won a
scholarship to the Ellsmere Academy. She wants to use her time there to give her a better chance at post secondary education. She has more street smarts than most of the students at the school, and for the most part cares less what others think, as long as she does well in school to better her future. But soon she has a sworn enemy in Emily, a girl with a silver spoon, and a major attitude. The artwork is amazing and the story intense. It was a great story that I have already read three times and know I will read again in the future.

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