Wednesday 15 December 2010

Vunce Upon A Time - Siobhan Vivian and J. Otti Seibold

Vunce Upon A Time
Siobhan Vivian (Author)
J. Otti Seibold (Illustrator)
Chronicle Books
ISBN 9780811862714

This is a wonderfully quirky and unique book for children. It is a vampire tale like no other. Dagmar is bit off for vampires; first he is only a child vampire, second he is a vegetarian and third he is addicted to Candy. Dagmar has problems growing vegetables by moonlight and tending his garden at night, but he supplements his diet with candy - in fact he is something of a candyholic. But his candy supply has run out. But then a skeleton informs him that tomorrow is Hallowe'en and humans give out Candy. Dagmar wants to go trick or treating but he must find a costume, convince his parents and overcome his fear of humans. It is a wonderful story with amazing illustrations.

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For Children:
Vunce Upon A Time

Author Profile interview with Siobhvan Vivian.

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