Wednesday 29 December 2010

Kind - Good Neighbors Book 3 - Holly Black & Ted Naifeh

The Good Neighbors:
Kind - Book Three

Holly Black (Author)

Ted Naifeh (Illustrator)

Graphix an imprint of


ISBN 9780439855648

This third and final book in the graphic novel series by Naifeh and Black, ties the story together in an amazing way. With even darker narrative and incredible illustrations this book is awesome.

Graphix is the graphic novel arm of Scholastic press, most famous for Jeff Smith's Bone. This book is the third in a trilogy from Holly Black, one of the authors of the Spiderwick Chronicles. The series called The Good Neighbors began with Kin two years ago and Kith last fall. Now the story continues and concludes this year with Kind. This is an incredible graphic novel. The story that started strong and compelling in book one, becomes even better in Kith, becomes absolutely enthralling in book three. A year might be a long time to wait for a graphic novel of 110 pages but the story and artwork make the wait more than worth it.

This is the concluding story of Rue Silver. Previously we found out that Rue thought she was a typical student - she had good friends, hung out, went to class and broke into abandoned buildings to climb and explore in them. But after finding out that her mother was really of the faery folk, she finds out that her grandfather Aubrey wants to take over the town. He wants to surround the whole area in a spell and separate it from the human world. Rue is torn in her loyalties - her family among the faeries or her friends and all the humans in the town. An epic battle is brewing between man and faery and Rue is stuck right in the middle. But now her Grandfather is dead by his own evil spell to separate the town and hide it from the world. Her mother is ruling the faery world. Her friends have been marked for protection, but the rest of the humans are fair game for the faery's entertainment and diversions. But some of them are fighting back.

The Dark edge found in the first two books becomes even more so in this third book. But Rue is also finding an inner strength she never knew she had. She starts to put together the final steps of her Grandfather's plans, and might have a way to help most of the humans get back to our world. But it will require timing, help from her friends and a great personal sacrifice.

It is an awesome book and an amazing trilogy! Well done Black and Naifeh!

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Adrianne said...

I also really enjoyed this series and think it deserves more attention than it's getting. Naifeh's art added to the story and pulled the whole thing together, in my opinion. Have you read Black's new novel White Cat? She's broken away from the fairy world, but still in the genre of urban fantasy.

Steven R. McEvoy said...

I have it was great if you click on the label you can see it down a few. Or click here.