Sunday 19 December 2010

Mad at Mommy - Komako Sakai

Mad at Mommy
Komako Sakai
Arthur A. Levine Books
An Imprint of Scholastic
ISBN 9780545212090

While reading this book, at first I really did not like it. It was not until the ending that I came to appreciate it. It is the story of a young Rabbit who is mad at his mother and it appears he is mad about everything. But then he decides to leave and go away. But then he forgets his ball. The illustrations are quirky and fun. It is colored with bright, vibrant colors. Not my favorite book but it has some merit.

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PRWooldridge said...

Kids and rabbits get mad sometimes (I only have to watch my daughter's mini-lop for a few minutes to know that), So I think a book about it --- this book --- is a good idea. When we can put words to why we are mad, the "Mad" doesn't last as long, and we can move on. It seems as though this would apply to small, very young people as well as older ones.