Monday 27 December 2010

Noodles - I Love School - Hans Wilhelm

I Love School
Hans Wilhelm
Cartwheel Books an imprint of

ISBN 9780545134743

This is the first of the Noodles books we have encountered. I am sure my daughter will have them all before long. These are part of the Scholastic Leveled reader series. These are fun, playful stories about a young puppy named Noodles who seems to find his way into mischief. In this adventure Noodles wanders his way into school. He is frightened by the bell, he hides behind some boots and then he plays with the children. The illustrations are wonderful watercolor prints with great details that inspire a real feel for the story. Hans Wilhelm has written a wonderful story, that children will enjoy reading many times.

The Leveled readers are great books for young children. They are designed to progress as a child's reading improves. There are hundreds of titles in these formats, even across different publishers. What makes this particular series, The Lego City Adventures, so good, is that little kids will be attracted to them because of the format and style. These books are bright, vibrant, and colorful stories with fun illustrations. As a Level 1 reader geared for Kindergarten to Grade 1, this book is intended to help with sight word recognition, and sounding out simple words and sentences.

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